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Below are events or ways to help us raise money for the Operation Green Zone.  Do you have an idea to help us raise money for Veterans with PTSD?  LET US KNOW!

Operation Green Zone

As an Army Veteran with PTSD, Will, understands the need for community support for Veterans with PTSD.  Alison, like many wives of Veterans with PTSD, takes on a lot of responsibility with the household, work, kids and having a husband with PTSD among other things.   Both Will and Alison have seen the positive effects of having friends with PTSD and understand what Veterans with PSTS experience on a daily basis. That is why they started Operation Green Zone, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, to help Veterans and Spouses of Veterans with PTSD. 

Help for Veterans with PTSD

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Our Veterans with PTSD need you!  Volunteering your time and/or services can make a world of difference to our Veterans and their families. Find out how to become our partner.

Melvin 'Will' Williams & Alison LEApLeY-Williams


  • 2017 Players club is coming!You can buy your tickets here and 50% of the proceeds of your ANY DAY ticket will come back to Operation Green Zone.USE CODE: GREENSign up here
  • 2017 Birdies for Charity Program. Guess how many birdies during the 2017 Players and you could win $5,000! Email us at Alison@OpGreenZone.org or click here to take part!
  • Monthly Challenges- Choose to walk/bike/run between 30-250 Miles in a month. When you choose a category, you get to choose a medal, necklace or shirt for completing. All proceeds go to Operation Green Zone. You can choose to donate to Operation Green Zone too. Sign up here
  • R.E.D. Shirt-Remember Everyone Deployed Shirt. The shirts can be bought below. All Proceeds go to Operation Green Zone.


Operation Green Zone

A Non-Profit Organization working for Veterans with PTSD & their Families

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To provide a supportive and fun weekend for Veteran families dealing with PSTD to get respite from their everyday challenging lives. 

Willness Fitness

Thank you for providing a fitness outlet for Veterans with PTSD.

Flower Child Productions
Thank you for holding events for us to raise money for Operation Green Zone